The Filthy Diet

“The Filthy Diet” – a diet where you only drink extra dirty martinis all day long, thus losing weight really fast. 137 weeks ago (thanks instagram) I was in Richmond for an “off day” on tour. The group I was with decided to have dinner that night at an Italian place that was recommended to […]

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Songs on Repeat: Lovely Day

I just turned 27 and everyone keeps telling me this is my year of obstacles and transitions. I made this playlist because it instantly makes me happy no matter what. Have yourself a Lovely Day. And probably watch Dumb and Dumber.   Bone Thugs N Harmony x Phil Collins – Take Me Home   Monarchy – We […]

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The Two Sides of Congo


When you read about Congo, you hear about war, you hear about conflict minerals, you hear about rebel armies, you hear about rape and violence. All of those things are important to know – no doubt – and before crossing the border from Rwanda to DRC those were really the only images that I had […]

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Lasse Lucidor – Gamla Stan, (Old Town) Stockholm, Sweden


Gamla Stan is cute. There are narrow cobblestone steps that take you through medieval streets and even on a Saturday night at midnight the streets are quiet. The shops have closed and there are only a handful of restaurants and bars still open. One restaurant in particular made treated us very kind and stayed open […]

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