Best Seat In The House

I love Ludovico Einaudi. If you don’t know his work look him up. Beautiful composer & pianist. He announced a tour but by the time I found out about it tickets had sold out for his show in LA. I was crushed. I checked Craigslist a lot leading up to the show but nothing was fair except for one that surely seemed like a scam. 3rd row center, face value. I emailed. The guy responded and didn’t sound sketchy at all. He said his friend bailed and that he just wanted the extra ticket he had to go to a real fan since he would be seated next to them. I explained that I was he let me have it: $75 bucks for a 3rd row center seat with a very nice Ludovico fan. I bought him a drink as a thank you.

About 30 minutes in I had to go to the bathroom. I left during the first set where Ludovico had his entire band on the stage with full energy. It was amazing. But when I came back, the band had left the stage and Ludovico was performing a quiet piece on the piano. The usher told me I couldn’t go back to my seat until he was done. I took a seat in the back, no problem. His solo piano section continued on and about 20 minutes later, I got a text from my stranger date that said, “Hey everything ok in there?” I explained that I was sitting in the back of the room, and not taking a massive crap but he definitely didn’t believe me because when I got back to my real seat when the band came back to the stage, he asked again if I was sure I was alright.