Brace Yourself. It’s Gonna Be A While.

8th grade. Going into Freshman year. So many expectations. So many fears. I had braces throughout Junior High and had planned it so that I would get them off in June, before Freshman year started. I have always looked 10 years younger than my real age, and of course now I’m happy about it but when I was 14, not so much.

So my appointment was set for 8:15a in early June and my mom and I pulled up to the strip center where my orthodontist’s office was and was stopped by DO NOT CROSS tape and saw plumes of smoke in the air and fire trucks galore. Some fucking dumbass lit the dumpsters on fire and it caught on to the roof and the whole strip center was demolished.

No other orthodontists in the area felt comfortable taking my braces off (like it’s rocket science) so I had to wait 9 months before my orthodontist could find a new office to move into.

No one died so I figured I was allowed to be devastated and end-of-the-world level pissed.