The Pessimist’s Guide to Runyon Canyon.


If you want to go on a hike in LA, one of the most popular places to go is Runyon Canyon. Let’s start from the beginning of the “LA version” of a good hike: finding parking. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go, you will drive around for 45 minutes looking for parking. I […]

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Leake Street – London, England


Leake Street is a famous tunnel in London that serves as a canvas for graffiti artists and taggers to show their stuff without any trouble. I believe it was made “famous” by Banksy and the first time I went his stuff was all over the tunnel, along with a bunch of other amazing works. The […]

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Covent Garden – London, England


All of Covent Garden is adorable: boutique shops, great pubs and even the largest Apple store in the world next to NY’s Grand Central. But the reason why I love it so much is because of Neal’s Yard. Right off of Neal St is a little narrow walkway called Neal’s Yard. It leads to a […]

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La Boqueria Market – Barcelona, Spain


La Boqueria Market in Barcelona puts all other markets to shame. Whether you are there to shop or just there to look you will have a good time. This place is huge and has every type of fruit/meat/cheese/candy/seafood/spice/bread that you could ever imagine. If you are just there to look, you can pick up a […]

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Non-Overrated Tourist Attractions – Sydney Opera House


Another non-overrated tourist attraction in my opinion is the Sydney Opera House. The Opera House had always been very intriguing to me, partly because it looked so interesting architecturally but also because it was on the other side of the world and I’d always wanted to go. When I finally got the chance to go […]

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Non-Overrated Tourist Attractions – Eiffel Tower


There are many tourist attractions I really hate. Times Square, I’m looking at you. However, there are a few that I love with all my heart. The first being the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are a thousand pictures of it already and the pictures that I take of it whenever I go there are […]

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