Lasse Lucidor – Gamla Stan, (Old Town) Stockholm, Sweden


Gamla Stan is cute. There are narrow cobblestone steps that take you through medieval streets and even on a Saturday night at midnight the streets are quiet. The shops have closed and there are only a handful of restaurants and bars still open. One restaurant in particular made treated us very kind and stayed open […]

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A’s Beach Place – Koh Phangan, Thailand


Koh Phangan is the Thai island where the Full Moon parties are held every month. It is the party island. When booking a hotel for this island we wanted a cool place where we would meet a lot of people for the Full Moon Party. We read a review that said A’s Beach Place was […]

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Kaffibarinn – Reykjavíc, Iceland


This place is darling. It’s in downtown Reykjavíc which is cute and clean and quiet. I had read reviews saying that this bar could be hard to get into & super crowded. I guess we picked the right night to go because we walked right in and found a table in the corner right away. […]

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Erg Chebbi Sahara, Morocco


Along the Morocco/Algeria boarder there is a little berber village nestled in the Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes. It may be in the middle of nowhere but you still get a traditional moroccan meal by candlelight and then a drum performance. Rugs cover the ground and if you go in Oct/Nov the weather will be perfect […]

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Sky Bar at State Tower – Bangkok, Thailand


Well, The Hangover 2 definitely sucked but boy do they know how to pick a location. Sky Bar at State Tower is a rooftop bar/restaurant that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. You sort of are. It’s the third tallest building in Thailand and gives you a panoramic view of […]

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Bondi Beach – Sydney, NSW, Australia


Bondi Beach is what all beaches should be like: sea blue water, waves, people in colorful bathing suits with super bright umbrellas, towels scattered everywhere, clear blue skies, soft sand, 80 degree weather, popsicles, seafood (and the accents don’t hurt either). It is the beach of all beaches. Go to Sydney..go to Bondi Beach…listen to […]

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Leake Street – London, England


Leake Street is a famous tunnel in London that serves as a canvas for graffiti artists and taggers to show their stuff without any trouble. I believe it was made “famous” by Banksy and the first time I went his stuff was all over the tunnel, along with a bunch of other amazing works. The […]

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Campuhan Bridge – Ubud, Bali Indonesia


This is my favorite spot in Ubud, but all of Ubud is amazing. The bridge looks out to a jungle of overgrown vines and trees and a river that all looks fake because it is so perfect. Bridges Bali is a restaurant right by the bridge and even though we never ate there, it’s definitely […]

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Covent Garden – London, England


All of Covent Garden is adorable: boutique shops, great pubs and even the largest Apple store in the world next to NY’s Grand Central. But the reason why I love it so much is because of Neal’s Yard. Right off of Neal St is a little narrow walkway called Neal’s Yard. It leads to a […]

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