Hey Fellas

While on tour, sometimes we would get “day rooms” which were hotel rooms that you could use during the day, because at night we were normally sleeping in our bunks on the tour bus on our way to the next stop on the tour. Day rooms allowed us to have some privacy, or shower or just hang out in an air-conditioned space away from “home.” My bff on the tour Michael and I got to split a day room thanks to our tour manager, who was second to none in tour managing – I mean he just lived for this shit, he was so good at it. We found a case of beer in the fridge with a note on the counter from him that read something like: “Hey fellas, got some beer in the fridge for ya.” He loved hooking the band and crew up with thoughtful things like this so naturally we drank all the beer but I was so annoyed the whole time that he would call me a fella.

The next day I went up to him to ask him why he thought it was OK to call me a fella and he said that the beer was meant for the band Lord Huron who would be using the room that night after we left.