How Low Can You Go


I loved 4th grade. I was in a new building, we got to have lockers for the first time (I had a picture of Charles Barkley up in my locker – no joke) and I had the best, coolest, most fun teacher ever. It seems ironic then that I would have two of the worst experiences in that class than any other year. The first was when we were in the science lab. My teacher played guitar and everything we learned was in the form of a song. We started singing and he told the guys to sing as high like a girl as they could and the girls to sing as low like a boy as they could. When it was my turn to sing he told me my low voice “sounded a little too real.” Of course it was a joke (right?!?!?!?!) but it scarred me for life.

The second was when he had us do research on Saint Nicholas. I looked it up in the encyclopedia and cried.