I Saw The Sign


When I first moved to LA I was just a little unpaid intern so I decided to do film/tv background work on the side for some cash. Whenever heading to a filming location you just had to follow these yellow signs tied to street posts to figure out where exactly you needed to be. A friend and I were doing extra work for a show that we were both huge fans of. We got to the location and noticed there was only one yellow sign (normally there are like 10) but we still found it easily and went in. We shot all day and as we were leaving we had a sudden impulse to take the sign. Why? I don’t know.

It was fun to steal street signs when you were younger.. until you grew up and realized they were ugly and didn’t know what the hell you were supposed to do with a HUGE dirty sign. It’s not like you can just throw it away because you’d probably get arrested and while “No Dumping” was hilarious at the time, it just wasn’t so much anymore.

Anyway, despite my better judgement, we decided stealing this sign was a good idea. My friend was driving… the sign was on my side of the car…no one was around….so I jumped out, untied it, jumped back in the car, threw it in the back and we sped off. About 30 seconds after driving off we started to get stealers remorse. This was their only sign. It was a smaller, lower budget show so what if they needed this sign for future productions? What if the cast somehow saw us take it and then if we ever saw them again they would hate us? Did we really want to risk not being bff with the entire cast and crew for just one sign? And most importantly.. which one of us was going to take it? Like I said, there was only one sign. After a quick heated discussion, she slammed on the breaks, pulled a U-ey and headed back to the set. She pulled over, I got out and threw it on the ground next to the post that I’d pulled it from and we sped off even faster than before.


We’re still not friends with the cast of the show.. and I think it’s pretty clear why.