Kate Moss and the Paparazzi Shot

One year for Halloween I was in New York visiting my sister and decided that I would dress up as Kate Moss. I basically had the entire outfit, I just needed a blonde wig and a ziplock baggie to fill with baby powder that would act as cocaine. We got ready with her roommates and then met some other friends on the street and walked to the bar. At this point I was a few drinks in already and I remember the walk, but everyone was talking and there were other people out on the streets dressed up so there was a lot going on. 

The next morning I woke up and was bummed to find out we didn’t take any photos of our costumes. There were a few photos taken inside the bar but I was so sweaty that I took my wig off, so I just looked like a regular person with some cocaine on my nose. 

A couple of years later I got a text from an old friend from High School who sent me a photo of my friends and I walking down the street in NYC wearing our costumes from that Halloween.

I was so confused. She asked if it was me in the photo (she was confused because of the blonde hair). I said “yes and how the F*** did you get this photo?” She was at a bookstore and was browsing through a coffee table book and came across a familiar face: mine. I sort of started to remember a big bright flash when we were walking down the street but it was all a bit foggy. 

Half of me was so angry that whoever took this photo was making money off of it without my consent and the other half was so incredibly happy that there was finally a photo of all of us from the night. 

Also I feel I was never given enough credit for my costume. It was pretty spot on.

I found out from my friend who bought the book that it was called Street Boners and it was made by Gavin McInnes the crazy Vice hipster founder turned far-right advocate. I want to sue him.