Kredit Kards


Two years ago my credit card was stolen. My bank called me and asked if I was shopping at a Home Depot in Miami, Florida. I laughed and told them that a Home Depot would be the last place I would be if I were in Miami and they cancelled the card. The following month I got another phone call from my bank. They asked me if I had purchased $1,500 worth of porn recently. I politely said “no” and they cancelled my card.

After having two cards stolen I started to be OCD about checking every last transaction on my statement. The next month there was a mysterious charge for $18.00 titled “KK” on my statement from a few weeks before. I immediately called my bank and asked if they could provide more details. They said the charge was from a fast food establishment but that was all the detail they had.

Finally, I was furious. This would be the third time my card had been stolen in a year. I started yelling about how I don’t eat fast food (lie) and even if I did, that I could never spend 18 whole dollars there and how ridiculous and frustrating it is to have to get a new card yet again. It was when I hung up the phone that it occurred to me what KK stood for. Krispy Kreme. I forgot that I had bought two dozen doughnuts that week. It was my friend’s birthday who loved boston creme pie doughnuts so I was planning on getting her a few. When I got to the store, I decided to buy two dozen because….well, it just seemed like a smarter purchase at the time.

My pride almost got the best of me when I thought for a moment that I should just let the credit card company think it was fraud and see what would happen but then I realized going to jail for credit card fraud might also take a toll on my pride so I called back and apologized for my mistake……….and overreaction.

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