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A’s Beach Place – Koh Phangan, Thailand


Koh Phangan is the Thai island where the Full Moon parties are held every month. It is the party island. When booking a hotel for this island we wanted a cool place where we would meet a lot of people for the Full Moon Party. We read a review that said A’s Beach Place was the perfect party bungalow: pool table, bar, dancing, close to the party – it sounded perfect. When we got there it was about a 20 minute ride from the party, on a quiet hill with a roadside bar and our bungalow was the only place in sight. After reading the letter on the table that said something along the lines of “welcome to the honeymoon suite” we looked up the site where we booked it and realized the description/reviews of two places had been mixed up. It was the exact opposite of what we had originally wanted and yet – it was the best mistake that we could have ever made.

This place was the best: after a night of fire limbo, fireworks, buckets of alcohol and dancing on the beach to loud music, the last thing you want is to go back to your hotel that is within walking distance and be surrounded by a bunch of drunken idiots who never stop yelling. We still met a great group of people at the little bar by our place and we recovered from our nights of partying in our honeymoon glass bungalow overlooking the calm ocean.


The only thing that took away from the extremely romantic setting was the fact that I was traveling with my girl friend, not a boyfriend and also the fact that I was covered from head to toe in neon body paint and smelled of whiskey. Looking back I can’t believe they let us stay there.


Just down the street from this place is an actual tree house bar & hookah lounge. The windy stairs that lead up to it were something out of a storybook. However the never ending spiral stairs aren’t so much fun when you are trying to come down them after a night of tree house drinking and hookah.



Sky Bar at State Tower – Bangkok, Thailand


Well, The Hangover 2 definitely sucked but boy do they know how to pick a location. Sky Bar at State Tower is a rooftop bar/restaurant that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. You sort of are. It’s the third tallest building in Thailand and gives you a panoramic view of Bangkok. You can just go to have a drink or dine at Sirocco, the world’s highest open air restaurant. I think the pictures speak for themselves but I will just say – make sure you go around 5:00PM and watch the sun set and then stay for the night.

Also, the carrot ginger martini is delish.




Dyen Sabai – Luang Prabang, Laos


First of all, let me say that Luang Prabang is the most unique, otherworldly place that I’ve ever been to. Laos is one of the poorest countries in Asia, but that doesn’t take away from the charm of the city or the constant smiles from the people.

You’ll read reviews that say Utopia is the spot to be at if you are in Luang Prabang.. but those reviews are wrong.

Dyen Sabai is so much better. It’s a hidden gem on the lesser touristy side of the city. The staff and the people are cooler too..and Dyen Sabai takes credit whereas Utopia does not. They have board games, great views and amazing Lao Fondu / BBQ. Make sure to get there early to get a good spot, watch the sun go down and then stay until close (11 PM – so that everyone can be back at their residences by midnight for the country’s curfew)



The restaurant looks out to the Nam Khan River (just off the Mekong) and to my other favorite thing in Luang Prabang: The Bamboo Bridge.


Campuhan Bridge – Ubud, Bali Indonesia


This is my favorite spot in Ubud, but all of Ubud is amazing. The bridge looks out to a jungle of overgrown vines and trees and a river that all looks fake because it is so perfect.



Bridges Bali is a restaurant right by the bridge and even though we never ate there, it’s definitely my favorite restaurant. We were on a serious budget at the time and it didn’t quite fit. Looking back, I think I would throw down like $100 bucks to sit on the balcony all day and look at that view.



Overrated: Kuta – Bali, Indonesia


Kuta may have the best waves to surf, but if you aren’t a surfer then I suggest staying as far away from Kuta as possible. The picture above is what I thought Kuta would look like. Unfortunately I don’t have any real pictures of what it actually looks like because as soon as we got there, we left. The water was grey and there was trash everywhere. The streets were lined with souvenir shops carrying US Basketball jerseys and neon sunglasses. No thank you.

Other parts of Bali however are amazing. Such as Ubud. Yes please.

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