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A few winters ago I was flying back to LA from being home for the holidays. I had a window seat and two girls sat next to me in my row. The girl next to me said she liked my ring. It was one of my sister’s rings. (www.octoberanniversary.com)

I thanked her and told her about my sister’s company and gave her a card. She told me she was on her way back to LA from Madrid. I had just traveled there that summer so we chatted about Spain and I told her all about my trip to Europe.

I was in a great mood because I had just moved to LA that fall and was doing an internship at a production company that I loved. I told her all about it and how I was basically living the good life in sunny Santa Monica and blah blah blah. I talked about myself for about an hour straight.

We landed in LA and as I was getting off the plane a guy came up to me and said “how was it?” all excited. I had no idea what he was talking about. He pulled out a book and opened it to the first page that had an autograph on it and told me that the girl I had been talking to was Michelle Rodriquez. Nothing about that name rang a bell so I stood there blankly. He told me she was in Lost and most recently, Avatar, both of which I had never seen, but had obviously heard of.

At baggage claim I was re-living our conversation and started to feel faint when I realized that while I was talking about youth – hosteling it up in Madrid, she was probably doing a red carpet premier there for Avatar. And while I was bragging about my awesome INTERNSHIP in the entertainment industry, she, an actress in one of the biggest movies of all time, was nodding and smiling along.

I was standing next to the guy when she showed up to get her bags. He thanked her again for the autograph and I stood with my mouth open, trying to get out the words “sorry.” She laughed and thanked me for my sister’s card and left.

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