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Bondi Beach – Sydney, NSW, Australia


Bondi Beach is what all beaches should be like: sea blue water, waves, people in colorful bathing suits with super bright umbrellas, towels scattered everywhere, clear blue skies, soft sand, 80 degree weather, popsicles, seafood (and the accents don’t hurt either). It is the beach of all beaches.


Go to Sydney..go to Bondi Beach…listen to The Beach Boys…get a popsicle or some shaved ice and end your day with some fresh oysters from one of the many seafood restaurants. I tried Seafood Bar Bondi and it was amazing.

Fresh oysters with a cold beer and a bit of lemon & hot sauce, what could be better?


But after 30 seconds they were all gone.


Büyükada Island- Istanbul, Turkey


Büyükada is the largest of the Princes’ Islands near Istanbul. It is about an hour ferry ride from Istanbul and costs only 4 Turkish Lira (about $2.25).

The island is still very small (I met a guy there who is the only Math teacher on the entire island) and gives you a feeling that you have traveled back in time. There are no cars allowed on the island, only horse-drawn buggies or bikes. Beautiful Ottoman Era mansions and churches are nestled into the peaks and surrounded by tall trees, white gates and overgrown flowers.


There are these little areas all over the island that look like they have hidden treasures buried inside them. The hillsides lead you down rickety dirt paths that open up to little rugged beaches.


Illetas Beach – Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca is one of my favorite islands anyway – home to the beautiful Rafael Nadal – who couldn’t love it? All of the beaches there are beautiful and the island is so cute. But Illetas Beach is the best that I’ve been to. It stretches pretty far but the little cove that we stumbled upon was definitely the part to be in.



Overrated: Kuta – Bali, Indonesia


Kuta may have the best waves to surf, but if you aren’t a surfer then I suggest staying as far away from Kuta as possible. The picture above is what I thought Kuta would look like. Unfortunately I don’t have any real pictures of what it actually looks like because as soon as we got there, we left. The water was grey and there was trash everywhere. The streets were lined with souvenir shops carrying US Basketball jerseys and neon sunglasses. No thank you.

Other parts of Bali however are amazing. Such as Ubud. Yes please.

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