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Did You Know Peyton Manning Plays For The Broncos?


I do, now.

I try to keep up on current events..but sometimes it’s hard.

Last summer I was touring with a country band who was playing football stadiums. It was funny to me because the two things I have a pretty low interest in are modern day country music and football.. and my knowledge of both is pretty slim.

I grew up in Cincinnati which means I do actually know a few things about football:

  1. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is a tool.
  2. The Bengals were good that one time.
  3. “Whodey” is a really embarrassing slogan.
  4. Touchdowns are exciting to watch.

So there I was backstage at our show in Denver at Bronco’s stadium and who should I run into? Peyton Manning. I was well aware this 8 foot tall man was Peyton Manning, I’m not an idiot. And I knew he was the quarterback for the Colts, thank you very much.

We strike up a semi-small talk conversation and I eventually say, “So.. what are you doing in Denver, a little vacation?” He laughed and clearly thought I was joking.

I looked like a confused deer in headlights.


He then asked me if I was joking and when I stared back at him blankly, he then had his friend tell me that he now plays for the Bronco’s, not the Colts.


I tried to make it better by cracking a joke:

“Oh..I mean, I know who you are though.. I saw you that one time on SNL..”

I don’t think he got it.


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