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The One With The Salad Dressing


The first place you should go if you find yourself at Indiana University is Domo, a sushi restaurant in the SE side of campus. It was at Domo that my roommate at the time and I discovered the most amazing salad dressing of all time. Yes, THE MOST AMAZING SALAD DRESSING OF ALL TIME. It was their family recipe of ginger salad dressing. My roommate and I lived right by the restaurant and went at least once a day. The next semester though, we both decided to transfer schools and moved to Chicago together.

Her birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her something special so I called up Lee, the owner of Domo (yes, we were that tight). I asked if it was possible to ship the dressing to Chicago. She said she wouldn’t be able to do that but that she was actually taking a trip to visit some friends there and could take some with her. Two weeks later she called and said she had left it with her friend and gave me an address.

I took a train to a bus to a bus and an hour and a half later, I was there. The address turned out to be a store, selling everything from packaged asian foods to pencil erasers. I walked in and said that Lee told me to come for the salad dressing. The woman looked upset and started talking in Japanese. She put her hands to her forehead and then pulled out her cell phone. After a few minutes on the phone she hung up and tried to explain to me what happened. From what I could understand, she didn’t have the ‘sauce,’ her husband forgot and was coming to the store and I should wait. So I waited. A few minutes later, the man I assumed was her husband showed up in a yellow VW Bug. She hurried me out the door and opened the passenger side of the door. Before I knew it, I was in the car and Bruce was driving. He cleared up a few things: the ‘sauce’ was in their fridge at home and that he had forgot to bring it to the store that morning.

We drove for an hour. I was texting my other roommate the whole ride because I was nervous that I was possibly being kidnapped and didn’t know it. We drove for another 45 minutes and I had decided that I was definitely being kidnapped. Finally, we pulled up to a house. He went inside and was in there for what seemed like an hour. When he came out his hair was wet. Why he decided to take a shower in the middle of the day while a girl who he didn’t know waited patiently in his car I’ll never know. I saw the jar of salad dressing in his hand and I swear it was shooting rays of sunshine. I was so happy to have the dressing but also to know that this journey was half way over and I probably wasn’t being kidnapped. I only had an hour and 45 minutes drive, followed by an hour and a half train/bus ride back to my apartment. I was also starving because I hadn’t eaten since I’d left my house and it took everything I had in me not to just open the jar and drink the salad dressing.

The ride there and back was basically silent because of the language barrier. He did however manage to tell me that he got good seats to see Carlos Santana and then proceeded to play song after song of his from his iPod.

Looking back, there were so many sketchy things that I did that I shouldn’t have done. But in the end it turned out to be fine and my roommate was so excited and surprised that it was totally worth it. I wish I could say that was the first and last time I would get in a car with a complete stranger, but neither of those scenarios would be true.

*I realize this story is about salad dressing, but you can’t judge me until you’ve tried it.

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