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When I first moved to LA I lived in Santa Monica. My balcony faced west towards the ocean and all day long I would see plane after plane take off from LAX and head off out into the ocean. I had never realized how many flights there were heading to Asia every day. Literally like 20 planes every morning would leave LAX and head west. In my head I figured they were all going to Tokyo, I have no idea why I thought they were all going to Tokyo, I guess they could be going anywhere in Asia or even Australia, but Tokyo was the only city that came to mind. It really inspired me to go because it was made apparent by all of these flights that I was seeing that every airline flew there and that there were about 100 flights a day to choose from.

A few weeks later I had a flight to catch to New York. We took off and when I looked out the window we were flying over the ocean heading west. New York is east..not west. I had a minor internal freak out. Thank god I realized then, that all planes must take off over the ocean and then loop around before I called over a flight attendant to make sure I was on the right flight.

It definitely took the fun out of watching the planes everyday from that point on, knowing that instead of going to Asia, most of these planes were probably just going to Vegas or Dallas/Fort Worth.

I still haven’t been to Tokyo, and I think we all know why.



A few winters ago I was flying back to LA from being home for the holidays. I had a window seat and two girls sat next to me in my row. The girl next to me said she liked my ring. It was one of my sister’s rings. (www.octoberanniversary.com)

I thanked her and told her about my sister’s company and gave her a card. She told me she was on her way back to LA from Madrid. I had just traveled there that summer so we chatted about Spain and I told her all about my trip to Europe.

I was in a great mood because I had just moved to LA that fall and was doing an internship at a production company that I loved. I told her all about it and how I was basically living the good life in sunny Santa Monica and blah blah blah. I talked about myself for about an hour straight.

We landed in LA and as I was getting off the plane a guy came up to me and said “how was it?” all excited. I had no idea what he was talking about. He pulled out a book and opened it to the first page that had an autograph on it and told me that the girl I had been talking to was Michelle Rodriquez. Nothing about that name rang a bell so I stood there blankly. He told me she was in Lost and most recently, Avatar, both of which I had never seen, but had obviously heard of.

At baggage claim I was re-living our conversation and started to feel faint when I realized that while I was talking about youth – hosteling it up in Madrid, she was probably doing a red carpet premier there for Avatar. And while I was bragging about my awesome INTERNSHIP in the entertainment industry, she, an actress in one of the biggest movies of all time, was nodding and smiling along.

I was standing next to the guy when she showed up to get her bags. He thanked her again for the autograph and I stood with my mouth open, trying to get out the words “sorry.” She laughed and thanked me for my sister’s card and left.

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