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Ali and Max RULE


During my senior year of HS my friend Max and I were asked by the school to create a “Bully Free” poster because we were in a graphic design class and were awesome. The poster would be showcased all over the high school & grade schools. We created a poster that said something along the lines of “WE PLEDGE TO BE BULLY FREE” and had two hands holding each other. Being the sneaks that we were we decided to put “Ali and Max RULE!!!” in the shadowed part of the right hand. We zoomed in a thousand times so no one would ever see it.. but we knew it was there.. and that’s all that mattered.

We sent the poster to be printed and when they came back everyone thought they looked great. They were hung all over the school. The next day the Vice Principal asked us to come to his office.. he showed us a poster that he had printed for the wall right outside the office. It was blown up, behind glass and framed. It covered the entire wall..and right on the left part of the hand..clear as day.. you could see “Ali and Max RULE”

It’s a good thing he had a sense of humor because I was preparing myself to get suspended but he just laughed about it.


I’m pretty sure the posters are still at the school letting everyone know that you should be bully free… and that Max and I rule.