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Campuhan Bridge – Ubud, Bali Indonesia


This is my favorite spot in Ubud, but all of Ubud is amazing. The bridge looks out to a jungle of overgrown vines and trees and a river that all looks fake because it is so perfect.



Bridges Bali is a restaurant right by the bridge and even though we never ate there, it’s definitely my favorite restaurant. We were on a serious budget at the time and it didn’t quite fit. Looking back, I think I would throw down like $100 bucks to sit on the balcony all day and look at that view.



Overrated: Kuta – Bali, Indonesia


Kuta may have the best waves to surf, but if you aren’t a surfer then I suggest staying as far away from Kuta as possible. The picture above is what I thought Kuta would look like. Unfortunately I don’t have any real pictures of what it actually looks like because as soon as we got there, we left. The water was grey and there was trash everywhere. The streets were lined with souvenir shops carrying US Basketball jerseys and neon sunglasses. No thank you.

Other parts of Bali however are amazing. Such as Ubud. Yes please.

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