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Prince of Pop


On June 25th, 2009 I was in Istanbul, Turkey getting ready to leave for Santorini, Greece. And on June 25th, 2009 Michael Jackson died. It was sad to a lot of people, I’m sure. I guess you could say I was a little more than sad. I had tickets to see Michael in London at the O2 that July. I had been waiting to see Michael Jackson in concert since I was 3 years old dancing around the family room, watching his videos on VHS, learning his dances and singing his songs. It was almost like someone in my family had died. I got so many “sorry for your loss” emails from friends and family asking me if I was OK. (I got the same type of sympathy emails when Jimmy Fallon got engaged, but that’s another story entirely.)

So I flew to Greece where I would be on my own for one day before meeting back up with my friend who I had been traveling with. My iPod broke on my trip over and it just so happened that the only 2 songs I had on my iPhone were “Human Nature” and “Butterflies” by Michael Jackson. I listened to those songs on repeat and wallowed in my sadness until I checked into my hostel in Santorini.

I went out to get dinner and when I came back there was an adorable white lab at my doorstep. He was blocking the door and looked like he just needed a friend. How could I say no to a precious puppy all alone on an island? I brought him in and we snuggled all night long listening to “Human Nature” and “Butterflies”. I named him Prince in honor of Michael Jackson. Prince followed me around the whole week I was in Greece.


Yes, he was a stray dog.
Yes, he gave me fleas.
Yes, it was worth it.

Büyükada Island- Istanbul, Turkey


Büyükada is the largest of the Princes’ Islands near Istanbul. It is about an hour ferry ride from Istanbul and costs only 4 Turkish Lira (about $2.25).

The island is still very small (I met a guy there who is the only Math teacher on the entire island) and gives you a feeling that you have traveled back in time. There are no cars allowed on the island, only horse-drawn buggies or bikes. Beautiful Ottoman Era mansions and churches are nestled into the peaks and surrounded by tall trees, white gates and overgrown flowers.


There are these little areas all over the island that look like they have hidden treasures buried inside them. The hillsides lead you down rickety dirt paths that open up to little rugged beaches.