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Lasse Lucidor – Gamla Stan, (Old Town) Stockholm, Sweden


Gamla Stan is cute. There are narrow cobblestone steps that take you through medieval streets and even on a Saturday night at midnight the streets are quiet. The shops have closed and there are only a handful of restaurants and bars still open.


One restaurant in particular made treated us very kind and stayed open for us: Lasse Lucidor. The bar and restaurant on the ground level was very nice, but it was what was in the basement that made it one of my favorite places. The bar in the basement was in a brick tunnel and to get there you had to walk through caves and kitchens and windy stairs. The name of the bar comes from a Swedish poet Lars Johansson (aka Lasse Lucidor) who was tragically murdered in the basement of a bar in Gamla Stan.


Since the restaurant had “officially” closed, they weren’t serving food anymore so we ordered some White Russians and chatted with the owner.