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Green Day


I normally don’t go crazy when it comes to team colors or holiday outfits.. but last year I was on tour in Europe and found out we were going to be in Dublin with a day off on St Patrick’s day. I figured if there was ever a time to go all out, this would be it. Before I left for the tour, I went shopping for a simple but sweet outfit. Green pants, white T and a vintage green velvet blazer. All I needed were green suspenders. I searched everywhere for a pair but found nothing. Finally, a week before I left my friend bought me a pair that he had found. The outfit was complete!

The headlining band was in a bus but the band I was with were traveling by train so to make traveling easier, I kepy my suitcase on the bus with the other band. We toured around for 3 weeks before hitting Dublin, which would be our last stop. Finally, the day arrived. I didn’t sleep the night before, my flight got into Dublin at 9a, I got off the plane and took a bus into the city. The bus driver took me as far into the city as he could go but most of the roads were blocked off due to the holiday parades and events. I walked for like 30 minutes until I got to my hotel. I had to get to the room, shower, get dressed, get in touch with my friends and get drinking. It was 10:30am. When I got to the room I got the worst possible news that someone can get on St Paddy’s Day. The band bus couldn’t get into the city either and would be parked on the outskirts of town until the next day.

My outfit…….was on……the….bus.

All I had to wear was what I was wearing. Black jeans and a black tank top. No vintage green velvet blazer. No green pants. No suspenders. 3 weeks of traveling with that stupid outfit and nothing to show for it.

I found a guy who had on green suspenders at the bar, so I went up and tried to convince him to give them to me. He said no but I got in them anyway so I could have one photo of me wearing green in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day. That guy hated me.


The last photo I took on my phone from the night was this:


And the next morning I woke up in a red bath rub.


The last show of the European tour was the next day in Dublin. We linked back up with the bus so I wore my green outfit, in full, a day late. Everyone made fun of me. About an hour into the day one side of the suspenders broke. I purposefully left my entire outfit behind in the hotel room when I left Ireland.