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Hotel Cafe – Hollywood, CA USA


Hotel Cafe has all of the qualities of a great venue: dim lighting, stiff drinks, attractive people due to the dim lighting, good décor and great music that sounds good.

I recently saw the Barr Brothers perform there. Brad Barr, the singer, asked the audience if anyone by any chance had a guitar slide that he could use. A guy close to the front stood up and handed one to him. He played the song with the slide and then returned it to the owner. He explained after the song that normally when he asks that question – no one does – and he gets to look cool by using his lighter to play the song. I felt cool just by association even though I didn’t know the guy, nor do I own a slide myself. But still.

I also love that the entrance is in the alley and that they put a Christmas tree up around the holidays.

Bluebird – Bloomington, IN


The Bluebird is a concert venue in Bloomington. They have amazing bands come through and there are always loads of drink specials and cheap pitchers.

Kilroys and Nicks are both extremely fun too, they just have more of a typical college type atmosphere than Bluebird.

Also if you are in that general area than I would recommend eating at Laughing Planet for a burrito and then going to Soma for a coffee.

Before you leave town, go to Domo (a sushi restaurant) and get their ginger salad with extra ginger salad dressing. Tell Lee I said hi. I’m a big fan.

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Whelan’s – Dublin, Ireland


Whelan’s is a concert venue/pub that turns into an alternative/indie dance club at night. There’s great music and there aren’t gross men trying to dance on you, but you can still get a little crazy and jump up on tables if you want to….so I’ve heard.

There’s the main dance floor but there’s also an upstairs that plays smaller shows and a rooftop smoking area. Always a good time. Always good music. Always good people. The DJ only plays CDs. Seriously. But if you bring a CD (or mixtape CD) he’ll play it.

My friend and I have no idea who these people are, but it looks like we all had a great time together there.


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