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Growing up, my friend and I had a lot of little things that we would do when we would hang out. For example, when we were about to start playing a game we would have to say “A One, A Two, A One, Two, Three, Time IN” and then we could start playing. If one of us had to leave or stop playing for a second we would have to say “A One, A Two, A One, Two, Three, Time OUT.” We also had a rule that if we couldn’t agree about something in a game, we just wouldn’t play the game at all (these rules were taken very seriously).

We had also decided that instead of using towels when we washed our hands, we would shake our hands dry. Now, I don’t want to claim that we started the whole “going green” thing, but I’m not going to deny it either.

To make drying our hands as fun as possible, we would shake them and jump up and down and yell “shake shake shake” as loud as we possibly could until they were completely dry. As I said, we took these rules very seriously and abode by them everywhere we went. The most memorable time was when we were in a public library bathroom and when we walked out I realized that everyone in the library now knew how my friend and I dried our hands.

If I could recreate my sister’s face when my friend and I walked out of that bathroom, it would look something like this:


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There are three parts to this story. The first goes like this: When I was 13 I went to a concert. I had never heard the opening band before. They were rock, they were loud, they were great. The lead singer had this beautiful head of hair. I have always loved Jim Morrison and his hair reminded me of Jim’s. When the headliner came on, someone tall was blocking my view of the stage. All I could see was Jim Morrison hair. It was the singer. For all intents and purposes, let’s call him Jim 2.0. Without any hesitation I ran up to him, reached up and pet his hair. Jim 2.0 turned around and looked down at me confused. I smiled and ran away like the child I was.

The second part to this story happened about 7 years later. My friend took me to a show in Chicago. She knew the drummer so we hung out with the band all night. I fell in like with the singer. For all intents and purposes, let’s call him Jack (I’ll be Rose). Unfortunately, Jack didn’t have anything close to Jim Morrison hair but he was tall and cute. Jack and Rose really hit it off and I’m not gonna cookie cut around it – they made out a lot. 

The third part of the story is when I realized that Jack and Jim 2.0 were the same person and my 14 year old self patted Rose on the back.

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