Thank You Julie.

The artist I worked for was hired to perform a solo show in NYC for an ESPN Impact 25 gala honoring different female athletes. There would only be five of us flying to New York for the one-off show and then we would all head back home, as we weren’t on tour at this time. A couple of the flights got messed up with the travel agent, some name mix ups and a return flight destination was wrong. It was the day before we flew so it could have been a disaster if it wasn’t caught in time and corrected. I spent the entire afternoon emailing back and forth with a woman named Julie who worked for the event and helped solve everything in time. We made it to NYC and I was looking forward to meeting Julie to thank her in person for all of her help. By the time we finished sound checking we had to rush back to the hotel to change and get ready for the event.

When we arrived back at the event we had about 20 minutes until the performance, but the event had already started. I told one of the ESPN crews that I’d love to say hi to Julie if she was around. The woman told me to follow her and we went out into the ballroom where all of the tables were. A woman in a dress was seated at one of the round tables eating dinner. I thought it was a bit strange that one of the main event planners would be seated and eating during the event but maybe her part was over! The woman tapped Julie on the shoulder and introduced me. I shook her hand and said “I just wanted to meet you and thank you for all the help you gave us this week!” She looked suuuuper confused. I caught on that maybe this wasn’t the same Julie. I looked at her confused face and asked if she was the woman who had booked my flight here, and she said politely, “Nope, I’m a soccer player.” This was Julie Foudy, the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time World Cup Champion and former captain of the US national soccer team. I looked at her and said “I’m so sorry, congratulations” as I slowly backed away and let her continue her dinner.

I got to meet the other Julie, the Julie that booked my flights after that. She was also very nice. All in all this instance went over way better than the time I met Peyton Manning and asked him what he was doing in Denver.