What’s In A Name?

I worked as an assistant for a high-profile musician and was helping him go through his wardrobe. There were Saint Laurent after Saint Laurent after Saint Laurent and Gucci, Celine and Tom Ford jackets, blazers, bombers galore. Stunning pieces. Every once and a while he would pull one off the hanger and say “donate” or “I’ll give this to a friend” or “this should go to storage.” And then he took a gold shimmery bomber jacket off the hanger and said “here, you take this one.” I graciously accepted and tried to keep my cool as we finished and I just set it aside out of eyesight for fear he would look at it and decide to take it back.

We finished going through everything well after midnight and he went upstairs to sleep and I walked to my car. As I gently lay the jacket in the backseat of my car, I saw the tag: Zara.